“One More Rep”


Ahh that feeling where your entire body is shaking, and you can feel your heart beating in your forehead. That is the moment when nothing is left and you have to tell yourself “one more rep”!

In our last post we spoke about the importance of exercising to help find the voice of light and strength in ourselves. The reason I love CrossFit is because it’s a group class. Although you use your own weights and go at your own pace, the sense of community and accountability thrives. This is why we love our Mission Fitness Family.

I’ve noticed a MAJOR difference when I have tried to exercise alone versus with a group of friends/respected acquaintances.

Now, I am not saying you HAVE to join CrossFit! It’s great but if you struggle with mental illness such as anxiety and depression, I know from personal experience that my mind tries to bargain with me and give me thousands of reasons not to go to the gym. The intimidating thing, is that they are all very convincing. But when you have a community waiting for you, it makes it much easier to get up and go.

If you are struggling at getting exercise in, ask some friends to go on a run a few times a week with you. Start there, then build to a more rigorous exercise schedule. Try to be as consistent as possible!

The benefits that exercise does for mental health are just too essential to be missing out on! You can really find a voice in yourself that you may have never known was there! Seeing your growth and reaching your goals in the gym are incredible for self esteem. I have also noticed that it regulates my sleep and forces me to eat more consistently, and cleaner than I usually would!

When you are having a bad day, having trouble letting go, or dealing with a difficult situation, I challenge you to put yourself into that place where your body is weak. You always have one more rep! I say to myself, “one more rep Matt.” Yes pain comes. Whether it be emotional or physical, but It reminds me that I am strong and I can move through this. Together with the light, we take one more step in healing!

Matt Pelosi