Drop The "Labels"

“There is nothing Either Good Or Bad But Thinking Makes It So” - Shakespeare

I learned this quote a few years back sitting in an Artist Retreat in LA. The teacher at the time was talking about experiences we go through as humans. He had two bubbles drawn on the white board, One was (Good Experiences) Another (Bad Experiences). A thought came to me. I raised my hand and said, “ Why not just erase good & bad & label them both experiences.” Very good insight he said.

Being human is difficult sometimes. There are no emotions, problems, situations, losses, or pain that we don’t understand. In life, the more I’ve held on to those things instead of accept them as they are, the longer I have found myself stuck in the thick mud. I wind up losing sight of where I am and why. These things all are calling us inward to learn and grow. Believe it or not, they can be the best teachers.


Take a peek inside your day. How many times have you fallen into the “victim role” or say things like… “WHY ME!” without even realizing. When we personalize thoughts or actions, we become so attached and keep fighting reality. This can toss us WAY out of balance and start to intensify anxiety.

I read a beautiful quote yesterday from an artist Janine Antoni :

So, I practiced tightrope for about an hour a day, and after about a week, I started to feel like, I’m now getting my balance. And as I was walking, I started to notice that it wasn’t that I was getting more balanced but that I was getting more comfortable with being out of balance.
— https://art21.org/read/janine-antoni-touch-and-moor/

Janine was learning to walk on a tightrope and learned to stop fighting the swaying of the rope. What she realized was that she became more comfortable with the unsteadiness and as a result, she began adapting to it.

My CrossFit Coach Joe Romano has this famous quote he uses: “Become Comfortable With Being Un Comfortable” It is so true. We don’t personalize pain. Instead, we just let life unfold and allow ourselves to flow with the way life is taking us. When we accept the good or the bad instead of reacting, it opens us up to the beauty of life. Don’t label things as pain. Label them as an experience. This helps us accept that we are human and we make mistakes. Ultimately, we can’t learn to love ourselves unless we can stop fighting the emotions and experiences that all humans go through.

Matt Pelosi 4/25/19