"Signs" - Mental Health Awareness Month

With Mental Health Awareness Month Coming In Just A Few Weeks, I Wanted To Speak About My Interpretation Of Our Latest Single “Signs” Enjoy! & Feel Free To Share!




What They Look Like

Sometimes in our lives, we find those moments where it all makes sense! It’s like all of the questions we have are answered, and at that moment we are alive. Most of us are chasing that bliss whether we know it or not. Unfortunately, these moments are fleeting so they seem hard to obtain. Especially for those suffering from mental illness such as anxiety & depression, it might seem even harder to grasp. Happiness and balance can require lots of hard work and discipline.
Don’t let the word signs intimidate you like it’s some BIG epiphany or whatever... These come in small moments. Sometimes, we just can’t hear them over all of the noise.

The “Chatter”

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Too Much Noise!!

Why is he/she angry with me?” “Am I’m boring, am I walking Weird? Why can’t it be easier….etc.? Is he/she judging me right now? Do they hate me? Do I fit in?” “What do I need to say?” This can be a daily loop like Groundhog Day. The voice of depression will say, “It will never get better. I’ll NEVER be good. I’ll never get there. It’s too hard. There's too much competition. This song Is too boring too sad. I’m not good enough to finish it.” Sound Familiar?  I've Come to terms with the fact That the voice is NEVER satisfied no matter what.

This is actually good NEWS! Once you can realize and identify that these things are not the truth and are actually just your depression or anxiety, you have an opportunity to see and realize the beauty in front of you and all of the good in yourself and others. These are the signs, and that inner bliss is always available to us.

Through music, therapy, friends and loved ones I have been able to identify and label these things in just that way. By writing these thoughts down and by challenging them with hard evidence instead of immediately reacting on them, it gives me complete clarity to see the reality of a situation. The creative process has shown me how not to take these thoughts and feelings as seriously and negatively and instead, let them go. If you spend too much time analyzing or judging a specific lyric or sound, you get stuck in an endless, non-evolving cycle instead of hearing the beautiful idea on the other side of the process.

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Here are some things that have helped me cope with my own personal depression and anxiety:

  • Breathe
    In the book “A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle,” there is a chapter on addiction. He states Most of us are addicted to thinking, whether we know it or not. Eckhart says to stop what you're doing. Take 4 deep conscious breaths and really feel them! If you find yourself in a panic attack, or even just overwhelmed, this can really change your mood and turn your whole day around. Do this before you take any action on those thoughts in your head. Try it a few times each day!

  • Stream Of Conscious Writing

    In The Book “The Artist's Way”, there is a free form writing exercise that takes place in a journal. You do this every single morning and don’t judge anything. You don’t think, just write whatever comes out. This has really helped me find answers to hard solutions in my life. Many times I've picked up very deep wisdom from this and it allows me to get all of those anxious thoughts out before I start the day!

  • Headspace App!

    I LOVE This app! It guides you through the basics of meditation and even has different lessons for different situations in your life. Try  this once in the morning or once at night before bed. They are only 5 minutes. These five minutes a day can begin to change your life and bring a deeper level of self-awareness to you. All it takes is five minutes!!

  • MOVE!

If you haven’t seen Tony Robbins Documentary “I AM NOT YOUR GURU” I highly recommend it! If you notice    he's always hoping up on a trampoline before he goes out to address the crowd. He recommends when you’re stuck in your thoughts to just change your surroundings. Even if it means to get up and walk into the next room.

At the end of the day, I truly believe we all have our own signs. These can guide us and direct us to where we are meant to be, and answer some of the hard questions we all have. The key is being aware that signs are not those voices screaming in our head. When you can realize that, you too will see the Signs.
Thanks For Reading!
Matt Pelosi 4/12/19